Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 2016 Goals

It has been three months since we moved to Florida.  These past three months have been so, so, so full of transition – new home, new community, new church, new job/staying at home with my babies.  Whew, lots of newness going on around here!  I’m sure I’ll share more about our adjustment soon.  For now, here are my goals for April. 

  • Host Katherine’s second birthday party and enjoy time with my family.
  • Read Boundaries as part of the Nancy Ray Book Club.
  • Complete a 10 day sugar fast
  • Write 3 blog posts
  • Go on a date {or two} with Mike.
  • Finish decorating the playroom
  • Continue to work on my archiving photos project – decide what photos to print from the InterVarsity albums and research external hard drives and cloud based storage solutions
  • Wake up at 6am everyday to have time before my babies wake up.
  • Update my resume and Linked In profile.

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