Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shake the Dust

I've been reminded in the past couple of days how short life is. I want to be someone who can "shake the dust."

Monday, May 3, 2010

Running and Driving

Yesterday, I went on my first run since the big 10K race at Oak Island. It's been two weeks (shameful, I know). Let me tell you, it was a tough run. I guess it was because my body was out of the running routine that my legs didn't want to cooperate. I didn't have a very healthy dinner Saturday night and the humidity made it feel like we were running through a thick layer of clouds (hey, technically, that's what humidity is, right?). Regardless of all my negative factors, we got to go on the run! We went. We pushed ourselves...well, I pushed myself. Mike was his ever gracious self and just kept tempo with me.

After church (and a very long Sunday afternoon nap), Mike took me driving. Okay, I know how to drive, folks. But, I don't know how to drive Mike's car (one with an manual transmission). It's good for me to learn these things in case I ever have to drive M's car...or if I need to share driving on long roadtrips. Well, The lesson went well. Mike didn't freak out and was a good teacher; it's tough letting your husband be the teacher. Every sign and gasp is so much worse when it comes from the one you love the most. Mike kept most of his sighs and gasps to himself though even when I stalled the car three times in a row. Even when I spun the wheels really bad. Even when the car starts shaking violently because I'm doing something wrong (still not exactly sure what I was doing there). Those were the times I wanted to quit and go home. Mike would just say, "okay, let's do it again" before I could quit.

The biggest challenge of the lesson was just doing something I wasn't good at. That's been my "lesson" these past couple of months: to keep working on the things that need improving. I think that's part of discipline. It's okay if I'm not good at driving an manual transmission right now. It's only the third time I've driven one.

I want to be brave enough/disciplined enough/adventuresome enough to do something I'm not necessarily good at. And eventually, I will be able to drive M's car on real roads (instead of abandoned parking lots).
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