Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recent Reads

I'm reading {listening} to a book on tape {err..mp3}, Where the River Ends by Charles Martin.   He's a Southern lit guy, and I like the way he captures the South with his words and stories.  Basically, he is Nicholas Sparks meets Pat Conroy.  Today, on the drive home, I heard this description of Southerners and it resonated with me and reminded me of my people.  It reminded me of where I came from.

"[Southerners] talk slower often stretching two syllables into five, use phrases that make little sense on the surface, dip Copenhagen and drink beer simultaneously, and have no desire to understand a New York minute.  Admittedly, college degrees are not the norm.  PhDs are few.  And while outsiders drive across the bridge and see little more than drunk rednecks, they do well to never confuse cultural difference with ignorance or stupidity. 

Beneath the twangy exterior, they value common sense, make due with less, laugh easily, and will give you the shirt off their backs.  They are the salt of the earth.  When you’re not in a hurry, pull up a chair and you will find your stomach full and that laughter has creased your face with wrinkles."
 Where the River Ends, Charles Martin

What do you think?  What words ring true to where you came from?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

True Confession

I am a slob.  Let me just put it out there - I'm slobby {is that a word?}.  I pile my clothes on the floor ; I leave papers on the table and shoes by the door.  And...hub's favorite my stuff is everywhere on the bathroom counter.

I wish it weren't so, but it's true.  While I really love a clean house {it makes me feel better about life}, apparently I don't love it enough to actually so something about it.  Anyone feel me on this?  These days I blame it on our old-school apartment - no dishwasher.  {All of our clean-up time goes to hand-washing the dishes}.  If you ask anyone who has ever lived with me, they'll tell you it's true.

Before leaving work today, I had grand plans to clean the house from top to bottom because our life group from church is coming over tomorrow night.  {I mean, c'mon, I don't want them to see our dirty house}.  Well, it didn't happen.  I had a hair appointment at 7:45 tonight which meant my evening got cut in half.  I didn't get into a cleaning groove before I left, and by the time I got home I had no motivation to do it.  I guess our friends will just have to see how the Kelly's really live.  :)

Sometime a couple of weeks ago while browsing Pinterest, I found this cool calendar guide to keeping my home clean.  I love lists and tips.  I've been trying oh-so-hard to follow this guide, but haven't been 100% successful.  I'd say I've been a little better about doing the dishes at night and trying to put my clothes away {tonight I hung up 7 pairs of pants - no, they weren't all on the floor}.

Here's to lofty goals and {hopefully} a cleaner house.  Do you have any tricks or tips for cleaning the house?

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