Monday, August 15, 2011

I {heart} Super King!!

Okay, so I know I haven't posted much about life in California yet. I promise to give some updates and pictures soon. Honestly, I need to devote a whole post just about a grocery store because their prices are incredible! Yes, I really am blogging about a grocery store! Hey, when you're living on a tight budget, it's the simple things in life that really make life good. And, I'm glad we can eat unprocessed food cheaply {more on this soon}.

Here's the list of things I got last week at Super King for only $30!!

- 3lbs of tilapia fillets
- 1 pack of bacon
- 20 eggs
- 80 corn tortillas
- 14lb watermelon
- 2 mangoes
- 4 bananas
- 1 bunch of celery
- 2 heads of romaine lettuce
- 2 cucumbers
- grapes
- 6 peaches
- 4 plums
- 3 lbs of carrots {at least}
- 1 green, red, and yellow bell pepper
- 2 jalapenos
- 6 tomatillos
- 2 limes
- 6 apples
- 1 onion
- 1 bunch of asparagus

We usually just get our fruits, veggies and some meat there...everything else is not such a great price. The first time I went, I had this ridiculously huge smile on my face because I was so happy to find fresh produce at such incredible prices. I asked hubs {who I dragged with me} if we was happy we saved some moola. He said he was, but just not "girl happy." So, I decided to call my mom and rave about the prices. :)

P.S. We had fish tacos last week, and they were delish! It was my first time cooking with tomatillos.


  1. Ok, a grocery bill of $30 for all of that is TOTALLY blog and "girl happy" worthy! That is awesome. I can't wait to hear more about your lives in Cali. I hope Mike's first weeks will go smoothly when he starts. If you ever need to talk as you are earning your "MSS" (Masters of Spouse Survival, wink); I am all ears!

  2. I agree- this is amazing! I would be so psyched to get that much. I can't even imagine buying half of those items (even in season!) for that price. Kelly would probably respond like Mike, though, why don't they understand? :)

    Some recipe questions for you- the falafels that you made recently, where they EatLiveRun's recipe? If so, what did you think? Curious about making them. Also curious about the fish tacos, so share away!

  3. HOW is that possible!!!?!?! That's great!!


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