Thursday, October 20, 2011

Driving Lessons

This summer I learned how to drive a stick-shift. Yes, it was super, super challenging, and there were points that I thought I just wouldn't get it. But, I learned...while driving across country, while making a sick run to the grocery {hubs and I had the stomach bug at the same time this summer}, and while learning Los Angeles traffic.

Let me tell you. LA traffic is CAH-razy. It's predictably unpredictable. I have to give myself extra time to anticipate bag traffic because you just don't know how bad it will be. Anyway, I'm just going to be honest. I need some space to vent about today's misadventure. Every morning I leave the house at 7:15 to get to work {more on my job soon, I promise!}. This morning began as usual - I left on time. I drove my usual route. The freeway was a bit hectic as usual but not a parking lot. Well, this morning, I decided to get the bright idea to drive an alternative route for a small portion of my drive. I wanted to stay on surface streets thinking it might cut my commute by a few minutes. Instead, I got lost. Like, really lost. I was 30 minutes late to {my new} job. UGH!!!

It was awful. My iphone wasn't working for me. I couldn't pull up the map, and even when I did the GPS in it couldn't find my location. It wouldn't let me call hubs for help either. Finally I got through to him in almost hysterics. He had to find me and give me directions. I told him we were buying new phones this weekend {probably not}, but I was ready to toss mine out the window this morning.

Here's to much more peaceful, easy-going mornings and happy driving. What do you listen to during long commutes? I could definitely use new music and podcast suggestions!

{P.S. I promise to add a picture or two later, but I seem to have lost all my photos. Hubs wiped my computer and clean installed Snow Leopard. For some reason, I didn't get iPhoto back.}

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