Friday, July 23, 2010

Midday Fail :(

Lately I have been trying to do my part in sticking to our budget. However, one of my favorite things to do is go to lunch with a girlfriends. It's like a special treat in the middle of the day. To remedy this potential dilemma, I've been "brown-bagging it" with my friends this summer. {Of course, it's not as fun as the experience of sitting down at a restaurant and enjoying someone else's cooking.} Folks, I gotta stick to my budget, and I believe that's a good thing.

So, yesterday, I had lunch with my good friend Shelby. It has been FOREVER since we've seen each other {okay, only a month, but it felt like a lifetime}. Shelby and I grew up together, but really became good friends when she moved here for grad school. Before I got married we were roommates for two years and saw each other almost everyday. Little did I know what a sweet time that was. It was just so good to share life with a good girlfriend on a daily basis.

Here's the sweet bag, Shelby brought lunch to share. I thought it was super fun and appropriate!

Anyway, Shelby's a teacher so we can only do lunch dates during the summer. She called me on Wednesday and said she would pick up a Martha's Salad plate from Marti's to share {let me please remind you that I was fully prepared to pack my own lunch, but she insisted}. This salad is the best in town! We were both SO excited. Here's the sad part...Marti's was closed! Every summer, Marti goes on vacation for a couple of weeks after the fourth. Well, once again, we tried to have lunch during Marti's vacation. It's at least the third year running we've done this.

Shelby picked up some chicken salad from another place in town, and it was good. It just wasn't Marti's. Regardless, we had a great time catching up. I loved hearing about her wedding plans and other fun things happening in life. Hooray for fun lunch dates! Thanks for the chicken salad, Shelby! :)


  1. I love Marti's but rarely get a chance to eat there. I love the pimento cheese dip and her chicken salad. Did you know that she has some of her recipes on her website?

  2. I haven't eaten in Marti's in forever! I had no idea about the recipes! Thanks for the info. I will have to copy them down.


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