Wednesday, July 21, 2010

X-ing It!

For the past two months Mike and I have been doing the p90x workout. It's been an awesome run, but I have to admit it's been hard. Yes, hard because the work-outs are brutal, and when I think they'll start getting easier it just isn't so. They get tougher and more challenging because I'm stronger and can do more of the work-out. In the past 2 months, I have gained back 5 lbs. FIVE POUNDS!!! A WHOLE BAG OF SUGAR. Needless to say, I've been very discouraged by this recent addition. The workouts have been really hard, and I'm gaining instead of losing. It's counter-intuitive. {Now, so many of you will say (as I want to do) that it's muscle weight, but I can't let these little justifications creep into my thinking.} What's the truth? I have to realize that this summer has been the summer of mini-family vacations. Vacation. I've eaten the extra cookie and bought the frozen slushie on the beach. Ahhh, they've been good {both the cookies and the vacations}.

On Tuesday, my incredible husband reminded me of all the little "encouragements" I have been sharing with him the past six months. He helped me get my mind right. He said, "we're celebrating the little victories." He said, "today's going to be a good day." He said, "we only have to take one step at a time." He made me say these things with him. It helped shake the funk.

I have loved doing p90x {but not as much as running}. I can tell that we are both getting stronger and in better shape. It's been fun to do something that's this challenging with my hubs. In this last month, Mike as upped the ante for me. If I get to my ever elusive goal weight by the end of the program, he will give me a big prize.
One thing that Tony Horton {the founder of the p90x program} says during just about every work-out is "Do you best and forget the rest"! In the next month, I plan to do my best and forget the rest. All I can do is my best and that has to be enough. Here's to reaching my goal!!

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