Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dad for Mayor

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that Hubs and I went to Savannah last weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We had a really fantastic time hanging out with the family. And, as I expected, it included going to garage sales all over town {we didn't find anything, ugh!} and to breakfast. Seriously, I'm pretty sure that's one of Dad's favorite things to do. After breakfast the whole fam went to Keller's, the flea market in Savannah. The girls found lots of fun things {more on that later}, and I'm pretty sure Hubs experienced culture shock the entire time we were at Keller's. :)

Later, we had a really fun birthday dinner, complete with beans & weanies. I made one of Dad's favorite desserts, banana pudding. We all chipped in to give him a Kindle this year, and he liked it! Needless to say, we were all pumped he was excited about it. Here's to hoping he will set up his account with Amazon to use the thing. After dinner, we played several rounds of Whits & Wagers, and Dad had us cracking up with his stories and a very random medley of "Hey-Ho," "Hee-Haw" {anyone remember this show? I used to watch it with my Granddaddy} and "Hi-ho" mid game. Totally random and completely awesome.

So, over the weekend, we jokingly said Dad should throw his hat in the mayoral running this year. Seriously, if it didn't cost so much money to put on an excellent campaign, I think it'd be a great idea. Too bad there's no money to pay me; I would make a great campaign manager. ;) Dad, if you're reading, here are the reasons you should be mayor:

  • You have a deep sense of justice. More importantly, though, your pursuit of justice is married with an abiding compassion for people.
  • You have the respect of many, many people in your community - probably many more than you realize.
  • You're the best and most animated story-teller I know.
  • You're an incredibly hard-worker.
  • People like you. I mean, even the people you've put in jail like you {well, I'm sure not all of them}.
  • You're a conservative enough Democrat to win folks from both parties.
  • You're a practical and realistic idealist. While you would love things to be right in the world, you know they won't be, and you can try to find a middle ground in that.
  • You can see a situation from more than one side.
  • You don't put up with junk or excuses.
  • You have a deep faith and love for Jesus that is lived out in all kinds of practical ways, like cleaning the church once a month, being Santa for lots of special kids, and giving money for schools {or clean water} in third world countries.
Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope this year holds lots of adventures for you, even if it's not a mayoral campaign. Thanks for showing Becca and me what a good dad looks like. You're the best. I love you.


  1. Awww!! Happy birthday to him! Should have said that earlier today huh?


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