Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hard News

On Thursday, Mike and I got some really hard news. I mean, hard. (I'm not going to go into what it is, but you may ask me in person). It leaves us with some tough questions and decisions. We're frustrated, angry, sad, and a bit fearful. At the end of the day, we are left in the hands of Jesus. Trusting him. Needing him. Asking him to do a miracle. Say a little prayer for us.

How does all of this affect this whole "being healthy" goal? It all comes down to discipline. When we got the news, I didn't open the fridge and go for the ice cream. On Friday, I did have a grilled cheese for lunch (a major comfort food for me), but I didn't de-rail from the path. I decided to exercise on Saturday, even though we're out of town for the weekend. I joined my mother-in-law in a great spin class at her gym in Raleigh. She was gracious enough to let me use her guest pass. It's been a good and comforting weekend to be with family and friends this weekend.

In the past, when I've gotten tough news, I stopped doing things that were healthy for me. I stopped exercising and mostly eating right; it was like my motivation was gone. This time, I am more motivated to stay the course. It's almost as if I can stay physically healthy that it will help me be healthy in other parts of life. Trust me friends, in the coming weeks, I'm going to need every little extra motivation I can get so that all areas of life are healthy and in correct perspective.

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  1. What is really impressing about your efforts so far is how you are turning the challenges that used to get you down into challenges to keep working hard. Keep it up!


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