Monday, January 11, 2010

There's No Cheating in Baseball

First off, let me say, I know I've misquoted The Sandlot, but for my purposes it works. Today, while at the gym, I was running my usual 30 minutes, and I wanted to cheat! I didn't start walking even though everything in my being wanted me to. My goal during these first few sessions is to slowly bump up my speed on the treadmill. It's working! I've improved my time by .12 miles in the first week. Whoo-hoo! Today was a victory. Good thing because tomorrow is a weigh-day.

I've discovered something about myself in the process of running. At some point during my run (and sometimes during all points), I want to quit. I don't want to run, get sweaty or be out of breath. I want to go home, sit in front of the TV and eat lots of junk food. However, I'm in this contest and can't quit. In order to win, I have to keep at it. I don't get to stop in the middle of a run or the middle of a month. I sure do feel good after a run though.

This little verse spoke so much to me a couple of months ago and has helped to prepare me for this contest. "If anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor's crown unless he competes according to the rules" 2 Timothy 2:5. More importantly, this scripture reminds me to stay disciplined, which has never been something I'm good at. More thoughts on discipline later.

I could use some good suggestions for protein-rich vegetarian dishes if anyone out there has any. I'm also on the hunt for an iphone armband to wear while running if you have a suggestion or two.


  1. ms. leanne,

    here's my contribution to your protein-rich vegetarian dishes -- i'm going to try making one of these this week:

  2. LeAnne- I love this! If I could have woken up today and known that you would share a place where I could read your writing and insight into the process of trying to be disciplined, I would have had a hard time sleeping! As someone who knows (at least a little) about the theory behind meeting goals and discipline- you are on the right track! I can't wait to cheer you past the roadblocks and celebrate your victory. Plus, who doesn't like to win?

  3. LeAnne - way to go!! I am rooting for you and cheering you on. Keep up the good work and feel free to call me if you need a mid-run encouragement. Love you sis!


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