Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach Vacation :: Day Three

So, I am WAY overdue sharing the rest of the trip to the beach. But, alas, here's more on our Kelly family vacation. The day ended up being a basic vacation day. We did p90x in the morning, followed by some lunch and an afternoon on the beach. I think we did Yoga X, and it kicked my booty...I ended up being relatively low energy for most of the afternoon. Dave and Greg had to work during the day, but they got to join us in the late afternoon for some time in the sun & sand.

Then, the "kids" cooked fish tacos for dinner that night. Throughout the trip, we had some good meals together!!

My mother-in-law {Georjeanne} dubbed the Kelly's the "Fun Family" long before Greg or myself joined the fun, and we do have a lot of fun together!! We have several "traditions" we started I'm realizing that most of these "traditions" were things that Kim & Greg started last Thanksgiving when we visited them in L.A.

  • We all wore silly bands for the week.
  • We did p90x together for
  • My most favorite, is that we do trivia each night during dinner.  There are prizes for the winner. 

What are your favorite family vacation traditions?

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