Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Through and Through

Most of you already know that I am a Georgia Girl through and through. Well, something got into me over the past couple of days. I had to do something that's iconic Georgia. I boiled peanuts and baked a peach pie!! {Well, Mike and I made the peach pie together.}

On Sunday, M and I decided we wanted to observe the Sabbath. This season is always really, really busy for us, and we know how important a day of rest can be when we are working longer days. So, M and I both did things that bring life to my soul. One of those things for me included picking up a pail of peaches from Thomas Orchards, and the other was boiling peanuts. {These are two of my favorite foods.}

So, on Sunday I made the peanuts while I read a book on my patio {more on that soon}. Here are a couple pics of the peanuts. YUM!!!

Then, last night Mike surprised me by cooking supper for me!! It was such a sweet treat. When I got home from work, the table was set, and I had a sweet card from him waiting on my plate. It turns out, we are trying to make Tuesdays our "date night." We can't go out every Tuesday {or most Tuesdays}, but we can try to spend intentional fun time together. After supper, I convinced Mike to help me with another sweet treat - baking this peach pie. It was my first try at making a pie completely from scratch. I used this recipe. It was perfect!!

I worked on the crust, and Mike cut the peaches. It was A LOT of work, but it was a fun way to spend time together. Thanks, babe! Let me tell you, folks, that pie is well worth the effort.

{Yes, that is my pie. I did the basket weave crust. The BEST crust I've ever had!}

So, I guess this proves I'm a bona-fide Georgia girl! I loved inviting my hubs into something that I brings joy to me. I guess this means I'll be watching LOTS of football with him soon {since that's something he loves to do}. :)

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  1. I LOVE boiled peanuts! My daddy grew up on the SC/GA line, so I know good eating! wink In fact, my dad asked me after your wedding why we didn't do a low country boil for my wedding! HA It was a fabulous idea!


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