Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Ramblings 01

01: I got this fantastic new watch last week, which I totally love - it's white (!!), but I keep forgetting that I'm wearing it and keep looking at the wall clock for the time. Hopefully I'll get used to it soon.

Over Christmas I watched The Godfather for the first time with hubs, my father-in-law, and Greg, my brother-in-law. Greg got the trilogy for Christmas. Loved it.

03: I'm absolutely in love with The Feist station on Pandora.

04. Another fav is an OPI nail polish my mom traded with me, You don't know Jacques. Thanks again, Mom! I wore it for two weeks straight...thinking about putting it back on. :)

I'm trying really, really hard to stay ahead on my house-work, but it's just SO hard...and it's just the two of us! {UGH!!} I think I need some better strategies for keeping the house clean or to stay ahead of it. It sounds ridiculous, but I've been making a conscientious effort to put things away, right away.
06. We went to Willy's yesterday for's been months and months since I've been there. Oh green salsa, how I have missed you! And, they have this super cool Coke machine with a touch screen. There are 106 possible drink options.


  1. I love The Godfather!!! And I did notice your watch but didn't realize it was new. Yay =)

  2. I will definitely be copying your Feist station on Pandora. What a good pick!


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