Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Days

What does one do when the city closes down for three days?

Day #1: Have a fire ALL day, which is totally my fav. Go on a walk to the park. Laundry. Watch a movie. Eat a super tasty dinner {even if it wass left-overs}. Catch up with my hubs who was gone the entire week prior to the storm. Fall asleep while "watching" the National Championship.

Day #2: Sweet quiet time in Galatians. Phone calls to both Moms to catch up. Organize pictures in iPhoto. Yoga X. Dinner out with friends. Another fire. More laundry. Clean bathroom. Watch TV.

Day #3: Another fantastic QT. Make an overly ambitious to-do list {to avoid cabin fever}. Shore up New Year's Resolutions {coming soon}. Deep clean bedroom. Dust. Finish laundry. Venture out to the gym. Bake Super Charge Me cookies. Delicious dinner.

We had {at least} five inches of snow last Sunday night followed by freezing rain. Our little city {and, well, all of North Georgia} didn't know what to do. Work and school were canceled Monday through Wednesday. It was absolutely lovely to be home for a couple of extra days; to share life & dream with hubs; to slow down and attend my soul. So good.

If you were in the snow/ice, what was your favorite part of the week?


  1. my favorite part was similar -- fun family time (having adia home!) and sleeping... we went back and forth between our neighbor's house all week for meals and playing.. :)

  2. Definitely the hot chocolate and Andrew's help with kiddos during the day!!! ha Having Andrew home was pretty fun for me too! wink

  3. Similar!! Dinner party with strangers, movies and movies, sleep...


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