Friday, September 21, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. Something I am very proud of is    running this week and choosing to live a no excuses life {one step at a time, my friends}    .
2. My favorite thing about myself is   my Southern-ness - that I care about cooking good food, being hospitabe, welcoming people into my home, being opinionated, {or stubborn}, saying yes ma'am {even as an adult}, being a story-teller, loving college football {and tailgating}, our Bible-beltness, our loyalty, our screen porches     .

3. My favorite color for fall is    mustard yellow, but I don't have anything that color right now.  Hmm, maybe I need a little shopping trip  :) .

4. Something I've been learning lately is how important good, true, authentic community is and how to better at intentionally being part of that kind of community      .

5. A book I am reading now/have read recently is   The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman.  This is the third or fourth time I've read this book {this time around it's for the class mentioned below} I like it because of its focus on Jesus' ministry and the uncomplicated strategy of how he did {does} things .

6. My favorite Pandora Station is   Ingrid Michaelson. I just started listening to Pandora again so I can't really remember all of my favs.  What do you suggest? .

7. This weekend I will   be going to a retreat for a discipleship/spiritual formation course at our church this year and it's the kickoff event.  I'm pretty excited about getting started, getting to know the folks in the class, and being intentional about my own spiritual formation  .
{P.S. I'm linking up to The Little Things We Do}  

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