Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Working It OUT

Alright, here's where I post about how awesome my run was yesterday and how I killed it.  Ugh, let me be honest, I did not kill it.  I survived it.  It was a tough run. 

1.  First off, I was sore from Monday's run, which left my pace a little slower. {Sidenote, Monday's run was awesome - I pushed myself on speed and to pick up my feet instead of my usual shuffle}.

2.  Work was a little rough yesterday because I wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped to be, which made me less motivated to exercise when I got home.

3.  I wore shorts for intervals - that was a BAD idea.  My shorts kept riding up, which in and of itself is pretty uncomfortable.  The bigger issue is that I'm embarrassed of how I look in said shorts while running, especially when they creep on up to.  Not to mention the thighs rubbing together thing.  Altogether uncomfortable.  I will not  be wearing shorts on a run anytime soon.  Anybody feel me on this one?

4.  Most importantly, somewhere in my mind I think that because I've decided to start exercising that running should be easy.  It's just not easy.  It's not supposed to be easy. This expectation is where there is a break-down.   I compare myself to some of my friends who seem to be able to run several miles with MUCH greater ease than me.   Why can't I be like them?  Then, I get down on myself for my supposed lack of success.   Yesterday, I wanted to quit my run before I even started the intervals. 

Usually I feel pretty good after a run but not yesterday.  Hubs had to remind me of the success.  My thinking has to change so that I can see finishing the run {or even getting out there in the first place?} makes it a worthwhile workout. I'm hoping that one day soon these runs get a little easier.

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